Individual Therapy

I work with clients in short- and long-term therapy to address various issues, using individualized, research-based, treatment approaches. I typically meet with clients on a weekly (and sometimes twice-weekly) basis to explore their concerns, learn how to cope with difficulties, determine changes they want to make, and gain insight into repetitive patterns that keep them feeling stuck. Since a strong alliance between client and therapist is key for therapy to be effective, I aim to create a safe, trusting atmosphere where we can talk about even the most painful parts of our experiences.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a wonderful way to receive support, learn more about oneself, and gain a better understanding of relationships with others. It can be a primary mode of treatment, or can be used in conjunction with individual therapy. Group therapy (typically 6-8 people) can be effective for those struggling with things like loneliness, anxiety, depression, family conflict, or other relationship issues. Over time, group members often find themselves feeling more connected, relieved, and self-aware. Please contact me about potential group opportunities, as they shift throughout the year.

Supervision and Consultation

Clinical supervision and/or consultation is available for both licensed and pre-licensed therapists. I especially enjoy working with those needing support around early career issues, building a successful private practice, working with high-achieving individuals (including current and former athletes), and treating anxiety/self-worth issues. It is important to note that I emphasize relational, culturally-sensitive, and developmentally appropriate approaches in both supervision and consultation contexts.

I can also provide ongoing professional consultation services and workshops to students, athletes, schools, coaches, and parents. In addition to the following topic areas, I can provide tailored training for specific audiences.


  • Coping with anxiety
  • First-generation college student issues
  • Managing stress and change
  • Feeling good enough, perfectionism
  • Balancing different identities/cultural worlds


  • Athletic burnout
  • Coping with injury
  • Life after sports
  • Parenting athletically competitive kids
  • Body image: Pressures and expectations