Pic 13 - Perfectionism Page

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right.” ~Henry Ford

Societal pressure can often make us feel like we aren’t doing enough and that our well-being doesn’t matter as long as we achieve the desired outcomes. As a result, many work tirelessly to succeed – to reach perfection – and even when that bar is reached, it’s still not satisfying. Such experiences can cause us to be self-critical and doubt ourselves.

I work with clients to address the impact of perfectionism in their lives. Although perfectionism can interfere in several ways, procrastination, inability to begin or complete work, and lower self-confidence are among the top issues that individuals face. Typically, treatment includes creating more reasonable expectations, incorporating more self-compassion, and working toward relying less on external outcomes and validation to define self-worth. The goal is to get you back to feeling productive and successful – by your definition, not everyone else’s.